What is Success?

12 Nov

What is Success?



“I think my definition of success is basically being a success in your own eyes, that’s probably the most important thing to me, so it’s not about pleasing others or proving other people wrong or perhaps having approval of other people.

I think success comes from deep within where you can actually look at what you’re doing and what you’re achieving and what you’re putting out each day and saying ‘yes, I’m content with that, I’m happy with that, I’m at peace with that’.

And it may be something very, very simple, but on a deeper level I think the definition of success may be finding something you love doing, earning a living from it, and then being really good at it.”


What is ‘Relentless Momentum’?

It’s not something you dream of, it’s something you accept.  It’s almost like a destiny that I’ve found unfolds in front of me. You say, well this is what I’ve chosen, now I have to figure out how to make it work. So, in doing that, it comes down to a state of mind and a state of being which I would describe…I guess as ‘relentless momentum’.

So, living relentless momentum means you never quit and never stop. The one thing I’ve had all my life is my ability…this sounds like a negative explanation of a positive thing, but…the ability to not quit, to never quit no matter what, when your back’s against the wall and the odds are stacked up against you, when everyone says ‘No, it has to fail, you’ve got to give in, you’ve got to stop trying’.

I’ve just never quit, and you can say it’s either your strongest trait or your weakest. For me it’s turned out to be my strongest trait. But I think in everything I’ve ever attempted to achieve, there have been other people who are perhaps better at it, smarter, sharper, more educated, perhaps more suited, more qualified, richer, a whole lot of ‘more’s’, but they’re all weak, they’re essentially weak people and they give in as soon as things get tough and they just go ‘this is much harder than I thought, I didn’t know I’d have to go hungry, I didn’t know I’d have to go without, I didn’t know I’d have to go for years without a wage’ or whatever it may take. And that’s where I’ve been. I guess, blessed with an internal valve that just doesn’t quit. No matter what. And I can endure hardships and some pretty solid hits, and not quit, you just find a way.

Be positive about adversity, Stop to think, hey this is a great opportunity! So, I think successful people don’t see things as problems, they see them as challenges in disguise. So when you run into a difficulty or a problem or a ‘can’t do’, you say ‘no, no, I’m just going to find a way, I don’t know what it is, but somehow there’s two things that will happen – (1) I won’t quit, and (2) I’ll just keep trying different shit until I get through this particular sticking point’.

Much more to come.

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