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11 Dec

Motivation At It’s Best


I am motivation and a great leader

4 Nov

Episode 3: Josh Lenartowicz – Pro Talk with Tony Doherty

[powerpress] 0:00 Welcome 1:18 Josh’s Proshow History 2:20 Josh’s Upbringing and how he got into bodybuilding 4:15 1998 Mr Olympia and spotting up and coming stars 7:40 Growing up in a small country town and gym 8:43 The bare essentials when bodybuilding 10:28 Josh’s biggest career highlights to date 13:30 Josh’s first proshow 17:08 How […]

28 Oct

Episode 2: Sergio Oliva Jr – Pro Talk with Tony Doherty


Check out the latest episode of Pro Talk with Tony Doherty, where Tony interviews none other than son of legendary bodybuilder.   Tony and Sergio Discuss: – Pressure of growing up with an IFBB Pro father (Sergio Oliva Sr) – What it’s like being in Australia – Expectations for the future – Much More   […]

14 Aug

Episode 1: Phil Heath – Pro Talk with Tony Doherty

[powerpress] This week on Pro Talk with Tony Doherty, I speak with none other than 4 time (at the time of writing this) Mr Olympia champion, Phil Heath. We talk friendship, bodybuilding, motivation, cars, people and at the end, Phil has a very special shout out for you guys. This is a game changer! Listen […]

30 Dec

Be Ready When Your Chance Comes Along

be prepared

Be prepared when your chance comes along. It is a long lesson in self belief really. I dreamed of this moment for years and made sure that when the call came I was well prepared and confident. You will have self doubts and feel like giving up but you just have to keep pushing, keep […]

14 Nov

Kade Simpson – Relentless Momentum

Kade Simpson

Here is a little story for you all. I’m always banging on about “NEVER QUIT” Just had this guy in for his 13th AFL pre season with us at Doherty’s Gym. I started training him in 2003 at Carlton. He was skinny, weak and undersized for the rigors that lay ahead. It didn’t deter him […]

13 Nov

More Random Thoughts


  Deep down you will find a way, you may not know what that is yet. But, once you establish your goal, then you have to be relentless in finding a way to reach the top, There’s two quotes I have for that. One, “It’s like this giant mountain climb, and I know where I […]

12 Nov

What is Success?


“I think my definition of success is basically being a success in your own eyes, that’s probably the most important thing to me, so it’s not about pleasing others or proving other people wrong or perhaps having approval of other people. I think success comes from deep within where you can actually look at what […]

11 Nov

Don’t Worry About What You Can’t Do

Don't Worry

Another lesson learned and probably the most important thing I can teach you. During the Relentless Momentum seminars we go through 12 key points to live by. This one applies to everything you do, career, work, sport, training and relationships. One of the biggest things that holds people back from reaching their potential, or even […]


Some thoughts and struggles from the beginning.

Firstly, I want to say thank-you for supporting me and the entire Doherty’s brand. From humble beginnings, the brand has now become globally recognised and it’s all thanks to supporters like you. I have big plans to take the Doherty’s Gym brand worldwide one day. I remember starting my first business in the gym industry […]