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13 Nov

More Random Thoughts



Deep down you will find a way, you may not know what that is yet. But, once you establish your goal, then you have to be relentless in finding a way to reach the top, There’s two quotes I have for that. One, “It’s like this giant mountain climb, and I know where I have to get to, no clue how I’m going to get there, but I’m just going to start”. And the other one, I used in a seminar the other day, is “it’s like eating an elephant, you take the biggest bite you can and chew like fuck and you’ve just got to keep chewing! It’s the only way to eat an elephant”. It’s a funny analogy but it’s that simple.
I’ve got this brick wall story (See pic), check out this one!  There’s this giant brick wall down in Abbotsford (Melbourne, Australia).

I’ve actually pulled up there when I’ve been a bit lost and looked at it and thought, ‘Imagine building that brick wall if you were a bricklayer, how the hell would you do it?’ And the answer’s really simple …. one brick at a time.

You would start one day with a trench, and you’d put a little row of bricks in and you might lay a hundred bricks that day, and look back and go ‘this is overwhelming, this thing’s going to be a kilometre long, how the hell am I going to do that?’

Well the answer is, you get up tomorrow, you come back and you lay some more bricks. And you be methodical and determined and relentless about that approach until you start to see that brick wall forming. And then you get a bit of momentum, and those words ‘relentless momentum’ keep coming back to me, and that’s where you think OK, you’re just relentless about it until you get some momentum. Then you’ve got relentless momentum, then you keep going until the wall’s built.

At some stage, probably at the halfway of that mountain we were talking about, or at the halfway point of your brick wall, or the halfway point of your training, you start to see results, you start to see changes, you start to see security in your self-belief, and you think ‘hey, you know what, I talked myself into this’ and it’s slowly becoming a reality, and then the momentum’s incredible!
When I first met Arnold’s partner, Jim Lorimer, in 1991, I was just a kid, in my early twenties. I walked into the Arnold Classic Expo for the first time and within one hour, I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I’m like, this is what I have to do, I have to bring this to Australia and do it bigger and better, I’m going to find a way.

This is over, 20 years ago. And for no reason I just knew that that was my destiny. And I remember I got an opportunity to ask Jim Lorimer one question. And I said “Excuse me Mr Lorimer, when do you start working on next year’s show?” He looked me straight in the eye, and he was 70 at the time, he’s 90 now and he’s still going strong. He looked me straight in the eye and said “Monday morning”.

And I thought, when I get my head around that, that work ethic and that love of work, I will be ready for this. When you can think, I’ve got a great opportunity to work 100 days straight, or 365 days straight. Not like, this is going to be a drag. I think you’ve got to attack everything with like it is an incredible privilege and an incredible opportunity. You can’t go,’ oh shit, I’m not going to get a day off for ten weeks’.

I haven’t had a day off since FitX. I got up on the Monday morning, and I worked even harder, and Tuesday came and I thought ‘let’s get going!’ I haven’t had a day off since, seven days a week. And it’s taken that to get to this point now where I’ve actually got that momentum I was talking about, where now I can actually see all of this coming together. The booths (for the Arnold) are 100% sold, I’ve got 31 sports signed, I’ve sold more tickets to the Pro Show and more VIP Experiences and packages than ever before.

We’ve got great feedback from Arnold and his team, sending messages saying how happy they are. Success leaves clues, determination attracts some incredible opportunities, hard work beats all.

Join me to learn more at “Relentless Momentum” I will not hold back or hold out.

There is not a question I won’t answer.

I’m all yours. Join me for a journey you will not forget.

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