Kade Simpson – Relentless Momentum

14 Nov

Kade Simpson – Relentless Momentum

Kade Simpson

Kade Simpson

Here is a little story for you all.

I’m always banging on about “NEVER QUIT” Just had this guy in for his 13th AFL pre season with us at Doherty’s Gym.

I started training him in 2003 at Carlton. He was skinny, weak and undersized for the rigors that lay ahead. It didn’t deter him a bit. He just worked hard, ignored the pessimists, kept showing up. Kept eating clean and living well. Didn’t party or get ahead of himself or ever adopt a rock-star attitude.

I remember his first senior game in 2003, he didn’t get a single possession. No stats at all. The boys called him “000 emergency” & “donuts” He didn’t care, just kept working.

Now has played over 220 games with a record breaking consecutive streak in there of over 160 games straight. Best and fairest, club champion, tough as nails.

He has it in spades, “Relentless Momentum” with Kade Simpson.


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