Episode 1: Phil Heath – Pro Talk with Tony Doherty

14 Aug

Episode 1: Phil Heath – Pro Talk with Tony Doherty

Phil Heath Artwork


This week on Pro Talk with Tony Doherty, I speak with none other than 4 time (at the time of writing this) Mr Olympia champion, Phil Heath.

We talk friendship, bodybuilding, motivation, cars, people and at the end, Phil has a very special shout out for you guys.

This is a game changer!

Listen up.

0:00 – Intro
0:27 – What has Phil been up to?
2:48 – Phil’s thoughts as he approaches his 5th Mr Olympia (along with fans and doubters)
7:15 – Phil on his hunger this year vs previous years
8:00 – Phil on building an empire and prove bodybuilders aren’t 1 dimensional
9:20 – Phil on his prep for 2015 Mr Olympia
11:00 – The longevity mindset and how to reduce stress as an athlete
11:30 – Ronnie’s Retirement
13:00 – Motivation, and the difference between Confidence and Arrogance
15:45 – Phil on the ‘Tipping Point’ on when he knew he was going to be a Pro
18:45 – Winning VS losing
20:30 – Phil VS Jay
22:00 – Phil’s thoughts on Jay Cutler after Retirement
23:05 – Direction of the Sport of Bodybuilding in 5-10 years
24:00 – Phil for a ‘Fairwell Tour?’
25:32 – Phil’s expectations for the Olympia to be on TV
28:04 – Advice from Phil for those who believe they need to give it all up to be a bodybuilder (even at the amateur level)
30:02 – What would Phil do if he didn’t have to travel?
31:15 – Phil talking about his own cars
33:50 – Phil’s new hobby (try and guess what instrument it is)
35:25 – Phil & Tony talk Cars (Luxury, Exotic and Classic cars)
43:10 – Phil’s message to our Aussie fans
45:50 – Tony’s plan for the IFBB Hall of Fame in 2016
47:08 – Backstage at the Olympia
48:35 – Conclusion


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