Don’t Worry About What You Can’t Do

11 Nov

Don’t Worry About What You Can’t Do

Don't Worry

Don't Worry

Another lesson learned and probably the most important thing I can teach you. During the Relentless Momentum seminars we go through 12 key points to live by. This one applies to everything you do, career, work, sport, training and relationships.

One of the biggest things that holds people back from reaching their potential, or even getting through the day is this. We get so caught up in what is expected, whether it is our own expectations or someone else’s that we freeze up and stop inching forward. We can be overwhelmed by the big picture and stop still. If you just break it down and work out one thing that you can do, then the momentum starts again.

I remember when I started out my first gym in Melbourne, I had hardly any new equipment and dreamed of what I could have if money wasn’t so tight. I would think about a new leg press or smith machine, think about where I would put it and how much everyone would love it.

Then reality would kick my arse and I knew it wasn’t possible. Simple answer was to get busy. I would go get a can of paint that I could afford, I would paint a wall, move the pictures around, move the equipment around, clean, tidy and renovate.

People would come in and notice that I took pride in everything and that I was always keeping busy. They loved it and I realised, that sitting around worrying about what I couldn’t have or do was a very negative mindset. If you sit around complaining and worrying, then people pick up on that energy and think you are lazy and unmotivated. There is always something you can do, every minute, every hour, every day. Get your head out of the clouds and chip away at the stuff you can do. Break it down and cross it off your list. Your day will come, so be prepared to shine.

None of my sayings or quotes are from someone else’s book or university or internet. They are from the real world, where the real work is done. I want to share this and show you the way to success.

Join me to learn more at “Relentless Momentum” I will not hold back or hold out.

There is not a question I won’t answer.

I’m all yours. Join me for a journey you will not forget.

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