Be Ready When Your Chance Comes Along

30 Dec

Be Ready When Your Chance Comes Along

be prepared

Be prepared when your chance comes along.

It is a long lesson in self belief really. I dreamed of this moment for years and made sure that when the call came I was well prepared and confident.

You will have self doubts and feel like giving up but you just have to keep pushing, keep preparing, keep believing. Don’t let anyone change your mind or talk you down.

I have had the most amazing and sometimes overwhelming year that I could imagine. I have had resistance and negativity from all directions.

You don’t have to share your inner plans with anyone or everyone, just be at peace with your progress and your fight.  Cause when it all happens it will come at you hard and fast and that’s why you have to be ready to shine.

When I was a kid my Dad always taught me to take on every opportunity that I could, to never say no to travel and adventure. I learned that to keep giving is way smarter than to keep expecting. To struggle silently and worry about what I could do every hour of every day and not to focus and get weighed down with what I couldn’t do.

What has happened in the last 14 months has been life changing. Even I could not have seen coming, but deep down it had already happened in my mind. I have visited so many places, mostly without pay or expectations. To be in the right place at the right time.

Mumbai, Singapore, Los Angeles, Columbus, Auckland, Rio, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, London, Paris, Tampa, Miami, Las Vegas, Madrid, Dubai, Hong Kong, Zhengzhou, Shanghai and Honolulu.

That’s why you have to be prepared, to believe in your yourself when you get that call. Whatever it may be.

It’s Relentless Momentum, never quit, never stop.

One life, live it on your terms, be the best you can be, remember your struggles and always be ready to share your experiences and bring your crew along for the ride. It has been like a 30 year apprenticeship, so there is no luck in anything that matters. The harder you work, the more you believe, the luckier you get.

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