Episode 3: Josh Lenartowicz – Pro Talk with Tony Doherty

4 Nov

Episode 3: Josh Lenartowicz – Pro Talk with Tony Doherty



0:00 Welcome
1:18 Josh’s Proshow History
2:20 Josh’s Upbringing and how he got into bodybuilding
4:15 1998 Mr Olympia and spotting up and coming stars
7:40 Growing up in a small country town and gym
8:43 The bare essentials when bodybuilding
10:28 Josh’s biggest career highlights to date
13:30 Josh’s first proshow
17:08 How much Josh had to believe in himself for first proshow
18:12 Josh’s Mindset to food and how he is working with Tony to fix this
19:52 The Dorain Yates approach
20:50 What’s in Josh’s future and BIG goals
21:45 Josh’s advice to those who have their own dream
22:47 Which bodybuilder is Josh’s favourite
23:45 What advice would Josh give to his former self?
25:30 Josh’s ‘mindset’ and psychology hacks
28:58 Giving Back and How to Hire Josh
30:17 What is was like working with Chad Nicholls
31:43 The three fundamentals of bodybuilding – Genetics, Training, Nutrition
33:35 Josh’s Big lifts
35:40 How would Josh like to look back on his career?
38:00 Tony’s thank-you to Josh
38:25 Josh’s thank-you to those who have helped him on this journey


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