Month: September 2020

7News Visits Dohertys Gym in Lockdown

The fitness industry is putting up a fight after the state government backflipped on its decision to re-open gyms next month. The revised roadmap won’t see facilities open until late November, prompting leaders to write an open letter to the Premier.

Fitness is Essential.

PLEASE SHARE THIS POST! I would like to address the false statements made by the premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews. In opening up regional Victoria he stated that gyms are high-risk environments, because of the vigorous activities involved in gyms that make them high risk. That’s like saying that restaurants and cafes are a high…
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Perspective in a Pandemic

So we think we’re doing it hard. No doubt, this lockdown is wearing us down making us feel sorry for ourselves and wondering when it will all end. However, let’s give it some perspective. Think about what our ancestors went through. My ancestors came on a ship from Ireland, Hugh Doherty was a merchant sailor…
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